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Property Owner Info

Action Team Realty has been managing properties in Colorado Springs for over 30 years, and have one of the premier property management programs in the region. Locally owned and operated, Action Team Realty has the legal knowledge, the know-how, and the local connections to smoothly and professionally manage your property. We take on the stress…you sit back and collect your monthly rent check!



Preparation and Marketing
Before listing your property for rent, Action Team Realty ensures that it will receive top dollar and have very little unoccupied time by:

  • Working with the owner to ensure that their property is in top condition so that a prospective tenant is excited to lease their property.
  • Searching the existing properties available for lease and those that have leased in the past 6 months to determine the current rental values. We then price our properties, as long as they are in top condition, at $25 to $50 over the highest currently listed property or the highest leased property.
  • Having a professional photographer take photographs of the property so that the property looks spectacular—tenants like seeing great photographs of the property.
  • Advertising our rental properties in the Multiple Listing Service as well as syndicate our properties on all of the various rental web sites—thus getting the highest exposure of the property to prospective tenants.


Tenant Search and Screening
Getting a great tenant is essential to having a great renting experience. When prospective tenants submit an application with us, we screen every tenant over 18 for Income, Employment, Criminal History, Credit Score, and Criminal Background. We do not accept tenants who smoke or have pets without owner approval.

We also require that tenants obtain rental insurance naming the property owner and Action Team Realty as additional insureds prior to picking up keys and occupying the property.


Action Team Realty Lease
We create a custom Lease Agreement for each property, designed to reflect the needs of and be fair to both the property owner and tenant. Over the past 30+ years we have developed one of the strongest and most owner beneficial leases in the industry.


On-call Maintenance and emergency service
We have our own full-time maintenance team on staff that can quickly be at your property should an emergency occur.


Extensive Vendor Screening
When a professional needs to be called in (HVAC, Plumbing, etc.), we call a qualified, licensed professional from our vendor list to ensure you get quality work done at the best price.


Move In & Move Out Inspections
We do a ground-zero inspection of your property before and after tenant occupation to ensure that the property is returned in great condition. In the event that the tenant returns the property and it needs some work, we can clean, paint, and prep your property for the next tenants.

We have the shortest turnaround time in the industry. Our attempt is to have a tenant move out on one day and have the new tenant move in the next day with NO VACANCY!


Routine Inspections of Your Property
We perform an unannounced inspection of the property, within 60 – 90 days after a tenant occupies the property, to ensure that the tenant does not smoke, does not have pets, does not have additional occupants, and is otherwise maintaining the property.

We perform additional inspections as determined appropriate during the term of the lease, but no less that once a year, and prior to renewing the lease of the tenant.


Eviction, Collection & Judgement Management
Because of our extensive screening process evictions and collections are rare. However, in the event that a tenant needs to be evicted, Action Team Realty handles everything. It’s our job to avoid any unnecessary vacancy time for our property owners, and to assist in recouping unpaid rent and fees. In the rare cases that we have to go to court, we have a very inexpensive attorney who handles all the legal requirements, and we rarely lose getting a judgment against the tenant.


Online Access to Financials, Maintenance, and Reporting
We have an excellent bookkeeping and accounting system which gives the owner complete access to all income, expenses, copies of invoices, etc. which is all accessible through a secure on line system 24/7.


Direct Deposit for Owners
Direct Deposit makes it easy for property owners to receive their monthly disbursements quickly and easily!
Owner Financials & 1099 Preparation
We provide year end accounting information that makes doing your tax return in reference to your rental investment property a breeze.